Hi, I’m Shivonne!

Wife, Mother, & Millennial foodie, utilizing the power of restorative transformation, biblically-based tools, and practical strategies, I help Christian Millennials work to restore, redeem and heal their marriages to lead a life of love, joy, and abundance under God’s covenant.

I am an expert in my industry with over 10 years of experience. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, a Master of Arts in Human Development,  and a Life Coach Certified by the International Coaching Federation.

As a Marriage Coach, Intimacy Strategist, Trainer, and Transformational Speaker I inspire and support individuals with identifying and breaking through their limiting belief patterns in order to develop new and transformed healthy habits.

Through my work, I coach and speak globally and it is through the speaking engagements I have consistently demonstrated my ability to empower others to take action and shift to a mindset of positive thinking. I have extensive experience designing and delivering programs, courses, curriculums, and workshops concerning a variety of topics; with expertise in the areas of relationship-building strategies, leadership, personal transformation, and healing. I work to strengthen marriages to help restore and protect the foundation of God, love, family, joy, and abundance.

We don’t just build marriages we build God’s Kingdom through the covenant of marriage. 

Transformation is always available!

Shivonne Davis LLC is a community for Purpose-driven Millennial Married couples who are committed to living in a healthy loving authentic marriage in God’s way! We’re not just a company, we are a brand that was created with love, purpose and commitment to be in service to our clients.

We provide practical biblically based tools for clients to take immediate action and move forward in their lives. We aim to help clients understand that there is another side of where they are and they hold the key to unlock a new dimension of life.

My focus is on helping clients realize their vision and aspirations for their marriage. A marriage where they are choosing to show up with purpose daily, one that they feel in alignment with, and where they are serving from their highest skills and zone of brilliance.

My mission

By utilizing the power of restorative transformation, biblically-based tools, and practical strategies I help millennial marriages overcome obstacles so they can experience a fulfilling and abundant marital covenant under God.

It wasn’t until I realized I wasn’t giving it my all.

Being in a relationship with my now-husband, Will has come with its challenges and I was unclear on how to navigate them until I found myself faced with an experience of choosing to have my relationship work because I knew it was what I really desired or to let it go due to my unwillingness to change.

Will & I battled these same things for many years and we were in an aimless relationship going nowhere. I mean, you name it, we have been there!

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with arguments, and questioning the very existence of the relationship.

I have experienced feeling defeated and saying to myself damn I’m giving it all I got and it’s not working. Calling and texting my friends saying If HE doesn’t change I’m out of here. The constant feeling like I wasn’t being heard and just overall stuck in an unhappy relationship.

The Challenge

It wasn’t until I realized I was not giving it my all. I was giving from a space of caution and fear. Fear of, what if I get rejected? Fears of vulnerability because that obviously meant being seen as weak. Fear of being taken advantage of.

And all these fears were holding me back from experiencing genuine love within myself and my relationship.

The Transition

Our relationship changed when we decided to really discuss what our intentions were with one another and what our vision was for the relationship.

These conversations opened up a new possibility for us.

As we continued to discuss what we wanted as individuals and a couple, we decided to write this out as a vision for our marriage. (This is after years of dating w.o being clear about any of this!).

What we found when we wrote this vision out, scared us! It meant that our behaviors and ways of being needed to be realigned in order to have this relationship we had just written about.

The Vision

Creating a vision for our relationship created the blueprint for what we wanted to create together. The vision acts as a guideline and a border around us in every area of our marriage. If I need to have a tough conversation with him and a part of our vision is to create peace in all circumstances … I now know that I cannot open up our conversation with blaming, criticism, and harsh language.

That… would not be coming into the space with peace and so it’d be breaking down the very vision we created together!

We went from living in fear of having our children grow up in a broken home and allowing that to drive the relationship to gaining full control of the steering wheel of our relationship.

Are you ready to unveil the vision in your marriage?

The fun stuff

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

The book I’m currently reading:

Crushing God Turns Pressure into power
by T.D Jakes

If I could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive it would be with:

My daddy, I miss him so much

My dream vacation:

Bora Bora (I want one of the bungalows on the water)

My favorite scripture:

Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

The book that changed my life:

Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping

I can never say no to:

French Vanilla Ice Cream on a Sugar cone

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