What if you could…

Confidently transform your marriage

by creating deeper levels of connection and intimacy with your spouse without the arguments and frustration that plague your relationship.

Imagine the impact you could make in your marriage if you put your full focus into

creating joy and authentic connection

with ONE secret ingredient?

YES even powerful, God-fearing Scripture-reading, couples struggle and experience painful disconnection in their marriages! So while you’ve achieved everything you desire in life, you just can’t get your relationship onto solid ground.

It’s especially frustrating for successful couples to admit they are stuck in their marriages.

You think you’ve got it down!


You’ve read the books. You’ve had individual therapy and/or couple’s counseling. You understand how your childhood informs your relationship default modes.


You always seek to evolve and are committed to creating deep connections with your spouse.

And YET, you’ve found that all the insights in the world just don’t seem to create lasting change within your marriage.

All the tools you acquired are tossed out the SECOND you get triggered and flared up!

Does this sounds familiar?

There are 4 major factors

that may be holding you back from the marriage you desire

You’ve got the tools but you are unsure of how to use them in a way that creates lasting change.

You haven’t taken the time out to nurture your marriage, not because it’s not a priority but you haven’t yet mastered the art of putting your marriage first.

In spite of your best intentions and tools, you play out old arguments without resolution, suffer from emotional disconnection, and experience a massive energy drain that hurts other areas of your life.

You are unclear of what conflict needs to end in resolution and what simply isn’t meant to be solved in your marriage.

Ready for breakthrough?

Take heart…

You’re in the right place

Imagine being able to experience the connection and deep level of intimacy you once knew in your marriage; or better yet, a new level of connection, intimacy, and joy in your God-ordained marriage! You get to confidently serve in your ministry of marriage without the arguments, big blow-ups, and going through unnecessary disconnection.

How would your marriage transform if you could…

Communicate effectively with your spouse simply by nurturing your marriage consistently by your actions and words?

Experience authentic connection and intimacy and continue growing your marriage without the stress, overwhelm, or falling for the same old conflict loop?

Get clear and stand firm in your personal vision while also understanding the God-ordained purpose of your marriage?

Build a solid, sustainable marriage that not only allows you to flourish in your purpose but also live in your happily ever after.


The Vow Renewal

A Radical Relationship Reset Experience

A 6-month intensive course for Christian Millennial-aged Married Couples who are committed to taking their marriage to the next level through authentic connection and deeper levels of intimacy.

The Vow Renewal: Radical Relationship Reset course was created to guide husbands & wives through each step of bringing their marriage into alignment with the purpose and desire for their marriage. This helps create a marital experience with less stress, less arguing, and more intention.

In this course, I will teach you:


The exact five steps you MUST take to turn around your relationship.


How to create powerful emotional connections (without learning any new communication skills).


The scientifically proven principle for successful long-term relationships.


The proven method I’ve used with ALL of my clients to get them UNSTUCK in their marriage.


Why most couples don’t know about the “invisible barrier” to relationship change, and how to remove it for GOOD.


Simple ways to create the marriage you signed up for when you said “ I Do”, without endlessly & overwhelmingly talking about your problems.


…AND how to do ALL of this while tapping back into the connection and intimacy you had in the beginning of your relationship!

Is this for you?

Are you ready to make your marriage a priority? 

Radical Transformation

See what other couples are RAVING about…

Shivonne is immensely supportive!

Shivonne’s openness and persistence helps you feel both at ease and pushed just beyond comfort in coaching sessions. She is immensely supportive and helped us to identify specific personal triggers and consistent emotional reactions that were negatively impacting our relationship. With Shivonne’s help, we were able to find the root of our issues and begin working through them. We’re so grateful for her guidance and continued support through the journey that is our relationship!

-Sarah D

My marriage is thriving...

From not hearing I love you from my wife in a little over 2 months, to creating a true, intimate connection in a matter of 4 days! My marriage is thriving now and my wife and I are learning to fall in love over and over again while keeping Christ at the center of it all.

– Brian O

She's the best at what she does!

In my 15 year marriage, Shivonne has given me some of the best practical tools and guidance I have ever received. She doesn’t simply tell me what she thinks I want to hear. She tells me what I NEED to hear. She understands the true meaning of love and partnership. She has helped me not only truly see my husband the way God sees him but also see myself. With the tools she provided, my husband and I were able to get to the core of what our main issue was and discover a new way to handle and dissolve conflict without resentment and feelings of not being heard. She is a supporter of preserving and protecting the family.

– Barbara B

I’m in this for you!

As a participant you will have full access to our lessons for The Vow Renewal Course which will walk you through our framework for creating the marriage you desire, nurturing your marriage, and creating your stress-free game plan strategy!

By the end of the course, you will have a complete understanding of how to use the power of your V.O.I.C.E to radically transform your marriage. A completed strategy and a solid plan for bringing about consistent change in your marriage!

Click below to learn more about our framework.

The Steps

Step 1: clarity

In this step, participants will be able to separate why they got married (the vision) from what they are experiencing in their marriage now ( note to self: does this line up with God’s vision for their marriage?)

STEP 2: Commitment

In this step, participants will be able to commit to unlearning old dysfunctional patterns that don’t work & upgrade to new habits that are needed to build a healthy high-thriving marriage.

STEP 3: Creation

In this step, you will use what you learned to define what needs to happen for your marriage to move forward in a way that both partners have decided on.

STEP 4: Build

This step will help you understand how to build or set the foundation for a life together doing more of the things you enjoy. You will learn how to cultivate more moments of love, joy, and connection.

STEP 5: Transition

Now we can future-forward … In this step, you will create goals to obtain the marriage you desire.

It’s the right time

to start your journey. Are you ready?

This is for you if…

You are ready to strengthen your connection and deepen your intimacy with your spouse while taking your communication to the next level!

You’re ready to get down to work and implement the strategies needed to see real progress.

You want to learn how to be open to consistent change in your marriage and how to stay deeply connected in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you are losing yourself.

You’re ready and also able to make the necessary investment into the program.

You’re ready to submit your marriage to God 100%.

You’re tired of feeling disconnected in your marriage and allowing fear to hold you back from having the marriage you desire.

This isn’t for you if…


You want to create a healthy marriage but are unwilling to take accountability or responsibility along with your partner.


You think that simply investing in a coach will guarantee you success.


You’re not ready/willing to devote the time needed to actually do the work, engage in the community, and implement what you’ve learned.


You’re not willing to step outside of your comfort zone to try new strategies or techniques.


You’re just looking for a quick potion or magic pill to create a healthy marriage.


You’re in a marriage where domestic violence or substance abuse is present.


You’re contemplating divorce.

So here’s the deal

Couples takeaways

Vow Renewal Radical Relationship Reset Course


Honest self-evaluation & self acceptance


Tools to effectively communicate


Tools to affect positive relationship changes


Deeper Connection and emotional intimacy

This 6-month transformational experience is designed to provide you with valuable tools to get your marriage back on track.

During the course of a marriage, it’s easy to lose focus on prioritizing our marriage. When this happens, the union, which once brought joy, connection, and excitement, becomes a source of frustration and disagreement. 

The Vow Renewal: Radical Relationship Reset workshop-style course is designed to address those issues. This workshop offers a laser-like focus on three key elements: Authentic Connection, Intimacy & Intentional Communication.

What comes with the program

Private Facebook community where you will connect with like-minded couples and receive support from coaches

Weekly workshop style group coaching calls

Two 45 minute private coaching calls a month with you, your spouse, and a trained coach

Highly engaged group workshops once a month

Daily text messaging support Monday-Friday

Support from over 6 specialty coaches 

Research-based tools and strategies for building a better marriage

 Access to all course material

Early access to specialty workshops and marriage retreat registration

We don’t just build marriages

we build God’s Kingdom through the covenant of marriage.