The car tank is full of gas and you are headed somewhere. The seatbelt is secure, you are adjusting your mirrors and you reach for the GPS to input your destination. You are clear about where you are going, but you are interested in traveling on the path that is most specific to what you need and prefer to experience during the journey. You may decide that you want to avoid tolls or highways. You might even desire to travel the scenic route instead of the back roads of the city. The point is—you know exactly where you are going, but you need guidance for which path to take in order to maximize the journey, and at that, successfully.

I’d like to think of God in this way: our life’s GPS. He provides us with an idea of where we are to land, yet in his infinite wisdom, he knows which specific path we ought to take in order to reach the destined location. He also gives us a big picture idea that helps us to focus on where we are coming from and where we are going to. We often call this vision. Say it with me: VISION!

God is the ultimate visionary. I am a firm believer that vision is the foundation. You cannot go anywhere for too long without knowing where you are headed. It is not fun to get lost on roads that are not constructed to secure your travel nor is it fun to become detoured because you did not follow God’s direction.

What does this have to do with marriage you ask?

God has intentions for marriage. Any form of unity without God is short lived and so any form of unity that includes God has longevity. He wants the union to reflect a closeness with him. He wants marriages to be deeply established in him so there is no room for division. Overall, God wants to be in the marriage vehicle as the GPS and in following his direction, he aims to ensure that the marriage is a kingdom one. A kingdom marriage cannot exist without a vision.

So what does God specifically say about vision?

In the 29th chapter of Proverbs, we learn that “when there is no vision, the people perish”.

If you are unclear about where you are and what you are aiming to create in your marriage, you will put your marriage in a position to be overpowered by anything that seeks to see it fail. If your marriage is not grounded in God-given insight, it will not own the characteristics it needs in order to excel, according to God’s original intent for marriage. If you do not put God first in your marriage, you will not experience the effective communication and intimacy God wants for you, your spouse, and your union.

In your marriage, if you are unaware of its unique vision, it is bound to be rocky and without a firm foundation to stand on. This is not to say you will never encounter a rocky road. With God as the GPS, you’ll be given options for how to travel the road because His direction and awareness of what is ahead will guide you.

Ok, yeah, and..what’s the big deal?

God wants your marriage to prosper. He wants you and your spouse to prioritize him in your marriage and allow him to be the GPS that helps you grab hold of his vision for your marriage and commit to have the marriage you want to create. You being on course and carrying out the purpose that God intends for man and wife on the earth is what God has planned.

Now, go after what’s yours!

Shivonne Davis | Marriage Coach