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Imagine being able to experience the connection and deep level of intimacy you once knew in your marriage; or better yet, a new level of connection, intimacy, and joy in your God-ordained marriage!

You get to confidently serve in your ministry of marriage without the arguments, big blow-ups and going through unnecessary disconnection. Be honest, how would this transform your marriage?

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Communicate effectively with your spouse simply by nurturing your marriage consistently by your actions and words?

Experience authentic connection and intimacy and continue growing your marriage without the stress, overwhelm, or falling for the same old conflict loop?

Get clear and stand firm in your personal vision while also understanding the God-ordained purpose of your marriage?

Build a solid, sustainable marriage that not only allows you to flourish in your purpose but also live in your happily ever after.

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A Happily married millennial

Saying what I wanted and actually creating what I wanted in my marriage were two different things. Of course, I didn’t know that until I started working with Shivonne.I felt stuck in the same conflict, crying the same tears, and having the same conversations with my friends and family about my marriage. One of the most important things I gained clarity on was the way ineffective communication was costing me great moments of connection, leaving me with feelings of doubt, and keeping me from experiencing happiness in my marriage. I recommend working with Shivonne for any relationship roadblocks.

– Yolanda M

The power and energy she exudes is amazing

Working with Shivonne has had such an impact on me, the power and energy she exudes are amazing and the tools she uses in her work are 2nd to none. Not only can you relate to her, but she’s also honest, and will push you to see your vision come to fruition. I would highly recommend Shivonne she changed my life and that’s when my marriage changed! My spouse and I were able to set and plan out our goals as a team and create a new vision for our marriage based on God’s principles for marriage, that inspired both of us.

– Issac.D

I gained clarity!

Changing my thoughts has allowed me to change the way I view my marriage. Shivonne reminded me that I will find whatever I am looking for and if I focused all my energy on what I did not like, I would only get more of it. I wasn’t in a bad marriage, I was just stuck in a thinking pattern. I gained clarity and I found out that the storyline in my head was keeping me stuck. Shivonne helped me become a better Husband, Father and human being.I now enjoy my wife and my life thanks to what I learned in her workshops.

– Justin. W